Raise Your Gloves

I recently published a book called “Raise Your Gloves”


In Offence. In Defence. In Surrender. In Victory!

Sometimes it can feel like you have become a spectator in your in own story. Sitting idly while life marches on without you. Trapped by fear and entrenched in mediocrity. Sleepwalking your way through faith, relationships and the invitation to live courageously.

Marshal Burnham found himself in that place. Until friend and UFC fighter Chad “The Disciple”Laprise invited him to come and train. This invitation changed everything. In the following year under the tutelage of Laprise, Marshal would be taken to the very brink of his spiritual and physical limits. In the process of being broken down and built back up he would confront his toughest opponent, himself.

More than this he would encounter God and reawaken to His call to love wildly, give grace recklessly and represent Christ fully.

To raise his gloves in defence, in attack, in surrender and in victory.

To raise his gloves, for the fight!

fight image

For more info please check out http://www.raiseyourgloves.com or feel free to pick it up on Amazon HERE :



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