About Me (Marshal)

11332_10153268871050940_5322559243517422800_nHi, My names is Marshal,

thanks for checking out my page.  The first thing you should know about me is that I’m the Husband of an amazing wife named Megan, and the father of three unbelievable little girls names Keziah Jordyn and Zoey Belle and our newest Beaux Aurora.  They are my loves and my life, undeserved gifts that scream evidence of God’s grace working in my day to day existence.

Secondly I’m saved. Yep, I’ve been rescued from all my failures, brokenness, sinfulness and selfishness, but I am still failing, broken, sinful and selfish. Thank you Jesus for not giving up on me.  I believe without reservation that Jesus Christ is the Son of the one true living God, that Jesus (the Son) God (The Father) and the Holy Spirit are one, that God sent a part of himself in the form of man to rescue humanity, and for all those who accept it, redemption is ours for the taking.  I believe in the Gospel story, that22179903_10154722599795940_2863084029038687462_o our redemption came in the form of a sacrificial death. Christ gave himself, perfect and without sin over to death, to be hung on a cross and die to cover for all my faults, all my sins, and all of yours too.  Jesus didn’t stop there, no, Jesus then defeated death, rose from the grave and walked this earth again to show the redeeming power of His sacrifice and Love. It’s mine and yours for the taking.  For all those who recognize we are sinful broken humans – that freedom, grace, salvation, that unending love awaits you.  For all those who recognize Jesus as the One true God, He can be your rescue, your Saviour!

ryg cover 3d

Raise Your Gloves

famAlso I’m the author of Raise Your Gloves my life changing experience of having God speak to me through the training of a world class UFC fighter named Chad ‘The Disciple’ Laprise.  I am currently working on my next book  called “An Ever Changing Moment – Life in the Least Expected” (working title). I’m an avid blogger, I love to write about my experiences living in a remote community in the Yukon, life with my young family and about my experience living as a parent is an ever changing fast paced world. I’ve been published in magazines and multiple articles and I’m constantly looking for more opportunities to write.

family selfiePlease, stick around.  Comment, follow and allow me to do the same.  Please contact me with any questions, challenges, comments or further conversation about anything you read on my blog. If you have any interest in connecting with any opportunities, please feel free to connect with me at marshalburnham@hotmail.com

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